Discover the best 90 day coaching program for female entrepreneurs!



The proven business coaching program that helps female entrepreneurs learn how to create & sell out of anything!

My guess is you've taken tons of other courses, downloaded freebies, & even invested in big names....but haven't gotten the results you wanted. The BRIMM is the only program that gives you: 

  • Accountability, which is exactly what is missing from most other programs. 

  • Customized advice by a business coach, because you will get 1:1 calls with Sallie to discuss how the content applies to your business; and

  • Small group support. There are only 6 women in each group, to keep it small enough to form deep relationships between the members of the group. 


Anyone who has ever thought...

  • I have some ideas, but I have no idea how to make them happen or make money with them;                                                                                

  • I want to turn my business/side hustle into a "real" business with a plan & processes but don't know how;                                                                                               

  • I'd love to attract more high paying customers but I don't have the time because I'm slammed with the clients I have now;                                                                         

  • I wish I could create a membership or subscription, but how does someone even get started with that; or                                                                                                     

  • I have lots of ideas, but I'm scared no one would buy them. 

If any of that sounds like you, I have a question for you....


If creating & selling out of your products or services were easy, would you go for it then? Of course!

Try not to make it harder on yourself by trying to do it all by yourself! Get the support you deserve.


Here's what you'll get in 90 Days:

  • A Well Developed Plan & Process to Achieve Your Goals

    In the first 4 weeks, you'll learn how to create your detailed plan of action, evaluate your pricing, develop your processes & how you achieve it all by restructuring how you spend your time. 

  • The Tools to Market Your Products & Services to Sell Them Out

    The second 4 weeks you'll focus on defining your niche & ideal customer so that you can understand and communicate with that customer in a way that makes them say, "OMG, I need what she has!"

  • The Process to Deliver Your Products & Services to Your Customers & Attract Far More

    The final 4 weeks you'll bring it home by learning how to launch your process for selling out of your products or services. You'll also establish a process to use moving forward, including email marketing, social media, and more. 

  • Confidence in Yourself & Your Business

    You're going to confidently offer your products and services to your clients, share about what you do & who you can help, and love what you do because you know exactly where you're headed. You'll be confident in the plan & have a mindset ready to take you to the next level.

  • The Strategies to Be A Time Management Maven

    You'll no longer waste time looking around, wondering if you're doing the *right* thing for your business. You'll learn the strategies for maximizing your time and reaching lifestyle goals of taking time for yourself.


Here are the features of The BRIMM's 90 day

business coaching program.

  • 12 Weeks of Business Strategies

    Each and every week for 12 weeks you'll get content delivered to you via email first thing Monday morning. Worksheets are provided to help you complete your implementation of each module. 

  • Slack Channel 

    This new technology tool will become your best friend. It's a private way to communicate with the members of the group, without having to use email.  This also gives you a place to ask questions, both privately to me and to the group. You can gain 1:1 access to me in this Slack channel. 

  • Weekly Coaching Calls

    Each week we will have a group coaching call with the members of The BRIMM's small group via Zoom. All calls will be recorded and available in the special members area for BRIMM Members.  

  • Fully Responsive, High Touch Coaching 

    Most coaching programs today are filled with massive amounts of people & come no access to the coach, but that's not the case in The BRIMM. The group is intentionally kept to 6-8 female entrepreneurs. You will get access to me for 3 private 1:1 thirty minute coaching calls to ensure you're implementing all you need. 


She's Passionate About Your Growth

Sallie is a coffee drinking, lover of learning, who spends much of her time reading & studying new ways to help her clients grow their businesses (yes, she just loves it that much!). She's also a former award winning attorney turned entrepreneur, mom of 2 adorable kiddos, and wife to one supportive husband. So, she gets being "busy." 


Sallie has a tremendous amount of business experience. She spent more than 10 years providing employment counsel to hundreds of companies like FedEx and Michelin. She then ran 6 different companies in 6 different industries, growing & doubling the revenue of each of them. She pivoted to start a coaching practice to provide support to female entrepreneurs (in the same ways she had for those large companies) because she believes in women's unique abilities to take their passions and turn them into substantial businesses. 


In 2019 she founded of The BRIMM, The Beyond Rock Middle Movement. She founded this movement, named after her bestselling book, Hitting Rock Middle, when she realized how many female entrepreneurs crave more of a sense of community, in addition to coaching. Now her focus is on the growth of this movement of women & their support of one another as the years and the numbers grow! 



Listen to Danielle Guarino, the owner of Evolve 2 Greatness, share about her experience inside The BRIMM. E2G helps managers learn how to effectively manage people, to increase longevity of the company's top talent.

Danielle Guarino



Caroline Avinger works with professionals who want the personal & professional skills to promote within their field. She tried every book & class before starting The BRIMM. I can't wait for you to hear her journey. 

Caroline Avinger



Hear from Laura Nance, a wardrobe stylist share about her experience inside the program. Laura helps women infuse sophistication and fun into every facet of their wardrobe so they can save time & thousands of dollars.

Laura Nance




    1. I'm worried it's too expensive.  

    I hear you, but I'd challenge you to think about whether or not that comes from a place of scarcity & fear. If it does, will making decisions from that place ever lead to abundance? I haven't found abundance comes from shrinking back. Instead I'd think about it in a different way. Ask yourself what it's costing you to stay where you are now? Are you missing out on clients? Are you losing revenue because you don't have a plan or are spending too much time on things that aren't generating revenue. We'll reorient your time to spend more of it on generating revenue ASAP! Let's get you started doubling your revenue together!

  • 2. Do I have to invest more money once we start?  

    No! There are no other surprise costs that I will spring on you along the way. I also will not make recommendations of costly programs or tools. I'm passionate about keeping your costs low & your revenue high. Nearly all of the tools I recommend are either free or involve very minimal cost (under $50). 

  • 3. I'm worried I don't have enough time. 

    The truth is we are the cause or the source of time. If we don't have enough, it's because we caused it to be that way. You can always choose differently. This business program is about solving that issue & helping you eliminate this time issue to create more time for yourself. So if you struggle with time and don't have enough of it, then you MUST do this. Otherwise, how will things change? Will they magically get better on their own? Likely not. We have to do something different to get a different result.

  • 4. I'm scared I won't be good enough or it won't work for me.

    Woman - I get you! Worthiness has always been a roadblock for me. But, that's why we address these limiting beliefs in our work together (week 2), because learning how to eliminate these is just as valuable as learning how to serve your customer in a better way or increasing your pricing. Trust me! And, if it really doesn't work for you, then I'll give you a refund (as long as you really did all of the work).

  • 5. I'm starting my business from scratch. Is that ok? 

    Absolutely! Many of the BRIMM members are also starting over or starting from scratch. I cannot imagine anything better than being at the beginning of your business and having the guidance of The BRIMM. It will help you plan your steps forward in a very thoughtful, methodical way. Many business owners simply get into action without a plan and waste months, if not years. Instead, The BRIMM will help you create a strategic plan you'll use to determine your revenue streams, how to price your products and services, and learn how to systematically launch these products or services to your audience. 

  • 6. I'm worried I won't learn enough in a group and need 1:1 coaching.

    I hear that, and I understand where you're coming from too. What I have learned from doing both 1:1 coaching and group coaching for years now is that your experience is even more transformative in a group. This is because not only do all of the groups meet with me weekly, but they also have a zoom calls on their own as a group weekly (not required, but highly encouraged). Statistics show that women grow their businesses 2.5x faster when they're surrounded by other women who are doing the same. I've definitely found this to be true. I also know that we each have different takeaways from the content. That means during our coaching calls, you'll learn from the questions and takeaways of each participant in the group. You'll get even more out of the material because of this. 



You can do this! You deserve to move toward your dreams

& this is the program that will help you accomplish them. 

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